Hi there, I’m Elizabeth Morgan. My nickname is “Betsy.”  I’m an actor, singer, writer, musician, and storyteller in Chicago, IL.  I grew up amidst ragweed and farm animals in Northwestern Ohio (and a little bit o’ Northeastern, IN and Southwestern, MI).  I’ve lived in several small towns in the Midwest, and even a good ol’ Ohio farm (with chickens and goats and the whole shebang).  I hold a BFA in Acting from Miami University of Ohio.  I seriously considered medical and law school (I even visited anatomy labs and took the L.S.A.T.s).  I thought about working in politics (I minored in political analysis and volunteered for a Senate campaign). But then I realized, I just want to PLAY doctors, attorneys and politicians.

Me and Chase
Back on the farm with our old horse, Chase

After graduating from college I moved to Chicago where I have performed with many theatre companies including Firebrand, Kokandy Productions, Backstage, Boho, Hell in a Handbag, Quest, City Lit, and Circle Theatre Company among others. I recently appeared as Samantha Stevens in Hell in a Handbag’s Bewitched parody, and as Margaret (“Atta girl!”) in Firebrand’s production of 9 to 5. I have a diverse performance resume including industrial and independent film, musical theatre, comedy, camp/drag, drama, and collaboratively devised theatre. I am also a musician (piano and acoustic guitar) with a passion for traditional folk, bluegrass, and early country. I currently write and star in my onstage memoir, She’s Folks, as well as two web series, Old Timey Tuesdays, a weekly series featuring old folk and country, and She’s Cookin’, a web series about troubling Midwestern food. I am also the director for Chicago Artist Circle, a series designed to celebrate artists within the Chicago Theatre Community as they gather together, share stories and speak their minds.

As a singer, I perform many different genres including musical theatre, gospel, country, jazz, soul, folk, traditional, and my true love: bluegrass. My album, Elizabeth Morgan: She’s Folks, is available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and most major platforms. I’m represented by Big Mouth Talent. Find me at elizabethhopemorgan.com, on YouTube, shesfolks.com, or @shesfolks.

Photo: Tyler Core

When I’m not on stage, I am a voracious reader (particularly science-y non-fiction and out-there philosophy).  I love movies (from critically- acclaimed to total crap), perfume (the “affordable luxury”), singing along to Dolly Parton and Gordon Lightfoot, classic cocktail recipes, sometimes cooking and sometimes not (does microwaving nachos count?), picnicking with friends, toodling around on my piano, belly laughs with my Mom and Dad, having adventures with my two sisters, my nephew and niece, my awesome in-laws,  and hanging out with my husband and three cats.

Contact:   BigMouthRESUMELogo

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