Who I Am and Why I Do What I Do

Hi there, I’m Elizabeth Morgan. My nickname is “Betsy.”  I’m an actor and singer in Chicago, IL.  Originally from Northwestern Ohio (and a little bit o’ Northeastern, IN and Southwestern, MI),  I’ve lived in several small towns in the Midwest, and even a good ol’ Ohio farm (with chickens and goats and the whole shebang).  I hold a BFA in Acting from Miami University of Ohio.  I seriously considered medical and law school (I even visited anatomy labs and took the L.S.A.T.s).  I thought about working in politics (I minored in political analysis and volunteered for a Senate campaign). But then I realized, I just want to PLAY doctors, attorneys and politicians.

Me and Chase
Back on the farm: With our old horse, Chase.

While I love almost all genres of theatre and film, I am intensely interested in comedy, fast-paced drama, and camp.  I split my time between musicals and straight theatre, and I love creating movement and image-based work, as well as performing Shakespeare and Chekhov.  I want to partially shift my focus to film.  I also have a Folk and Country Cabaret I perform called Elizabeth Morgan:  She’s Folks! I’m interested in empathy, fear, story, and asking big questions through art.

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As a singer, I perform many different genres including musical theatre, gospel, country, jazz, soul, folk, traditional, and my true love: bluegrass.

American Gothic

When I’m not on stage, I am a voracious reader (particularly science-y non-fiction and out-there philosophy).  I love movies (from critically- acclaimed to total crap), perfume (the “affordable luxury”), singing along to Dolly Parton and Gordon Lightfoot, classic cocktail recipes, sometimes cooking and sometimes not (does microwaving nachos count?), writing about nonsense, toodling around on my piano, belly laughs with my Mom and Dad, having adventures with my two sisters and my awesome in-laws,  and hanging out with my husband and three cats.

Contact:   BigMouthRESUMELogo

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